Jan 21, 2009

Pick of the Week - 1

"I need to make a presentation tomorrow. I don't have time. Let me start typing. That way I will get ideas."

If you have been doing this, then you are not alone. Most of us have done this at some point of time. Sadly however, most of us are still doing this.
Here is a post from Bert Decker. This is my pick of the last week. (Every week I will share my favorite post from the week gone by).

Bert Decker stresses on two things:

1. Not to reach out for the PowerPoint first

He says:"First, figure out what your message is - what is your Point Of View, what Action do you
want people to take and what are the Benefits (for them - not you)."

He adds: "Once you have your message developed - with three key points, THEN you can figure out how you are going to frame the experience to influence people to buy into your message. And THEN you go to the PPs (Powerpoint), and create using Nancy's and Garr's ideas."

2. Use Black Slides
He urges people to use black background in PowerPoint citing some genuine benefits. I have rarely seen people use black. We always drift to white or blue.
Before you make your next presentation, try a black background.
One word of caution: When there is more talking and less text black works great. Do not use black when your slides are text heavy. You will jeopardise visibility.

Do you use black backgrounds? Yes / No. What has been your experience?

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