Feb 14, 2009

Pick of the Week: Mosquitoes & Toastmasters

Mosquitoes from Windows
Eric Alberston on slide:ology writes an interesting post on how Bill Gates released a jar full of mosquitoes on his
audience while he was presenting to the TED community. A moment the audience will never forget. It is a remarkable trick which Bill has come up with. Read more on this here.

Know the Toastmasters
Andrew Dlugan in his blog Six Minutes writes on the Toastmasters. It is a not-for-profit organisation spread across the world. The members who join Toastmasters get together once a week or two weeks to make speeches, presentations and improve their communication skills. This is a good way to tackle the fear of public speaking.

Read Andrew's informative post here.

If you go to the Toastmasters International's website you can find that it is present in 18 cities across India. Hyderabad,
where I stay, has 10 clubs whereas Mumbai has 6, Delhi 5, Chennai 10 and Kolkata 3. You can check out a club near you on the website. It is not very big in India, but its popularity will keep going up as more and more Indians realise the need for it.

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