Mar 26, 2009

Royalty Free Music for Presentations

While searching for royalty free music on the web I chanced upon a very good resource. It is a website by Kevin MacLeod. It has a large collection of music (compositions, not songs) created by Kevin. And it's royalty free. You just need to credit the composer in your presentation. All that Kevin actually asks for is a $5 voluntary donation, if you have used his composition.

The website allows you to search music by 'feel' and 'genre'. I found the search by 'feel' very useful. I was searching for a peppy & lively score and I got exactly what I needed when searching under the categories 'bouncy' and 'bright'. Explore the website and get what you are looking for.

Another interesting feature is that you can listen to a preview before downloading the entire song. Saved a lot of valuable time for me.

If you ever need a background score, try this website. Read the complete terms of use here & here. You can also get something called as Sans Attribution License (which you would require if you cannot credit the composer for some reason).

Do you know of any other good resource on the web offering royalty free music? Leave a comment.