Apr 1, 2009

Best of the Month: March '09

March has been an interesting month. It was a month wherein most of my posts drew their inspiration from real life problems and instances. I wrote on what's the ideal number of slides in a presentation after one of my clients insisted that 20-25 was the right number. Nothing more nothing less.

I wrote 'An introduction
SmartArt' after a very senior consultant shared with me that he had never used SmartArt. Not that he disliked it, he just never took the trouble of trying it out.

My personal favorite from March is the interview of ex-VP of Dr. Reddy's. The topic: 'How to make business review presentations?' He shared with me the expectation which senior managers have from such monthly/quarterly business reviews and how should a manager prepare for these reviews. A must read post for all managers.

Finally out of all the posts, the most popular posts of March were:

March 10: How to make business review presentations?

March 17: An introduction to SmartArt

March 14: How to add hyperlinks to SmartArt?

The three most popular posts of my blog till date are the following:

Jan 18: Review of LK Advani's website

Jan 30: Making sponsorship proposals that get you cash

Jan 14: Checklist for Presentations

I would welcome if you share with me your personal experience as a presenter. You can send questions, instances or even guest posts. I would love to know how you make presentations and what methods you apply. If you have a question relating to presentations or PowerPoint, shoot them to me.

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