Apr 23, 2009

Website Review: TemplatesWise.com

I am a believer that you should design your own template. It makes your presentation unique and shows an extra level of effort and commitment. I wrote a post very recently on how you can do that. However, when Eric Vadeboncoeur asked me to review his website www.TemplatesWise.com I gladly accepted.

Not everyone has an interest in designing and for these presenters there are wonderful resources on the web which offer pre-designed templates.

TemplatesWise.com is one such site. It has a very clutter free nice feel to the website and its easy to navigate as well. The website has a clear focus. It mainly offers free Powerpoint templates. The other things on offer are:
1. Music loops, and

2. Business card & website templates.

Music Loops

Music loops are tracks which are small in duration but can play continuou
sly in your presentation in loops. These can be used for presentations and also for making videos. They are available for free on the website. You have the option of hearing them before download. The strange part however is that there are only 12 tracks available for download.

PowerPoint Templates

Templates can be browsed easily and in multiple ways like 'by category' and 'by popularity'. The available categories are:

(a) Abstract

(b) Business

(c) Finance
(d) General

(e) Nature
, and
(f) Tra
In total the website has more than hundred templates. You should be able to find something worthwhile if you are looking for one here. By no means exhaustive, still it has a decent collection.There are some really good ones under 'Abstract'. I did download a few to see how they look and work. Here are some of the samples:

The templates get downloaded as .ppt along with the images (.jpeg). Most of the templates have not been made in master slide, which I found to be slightly weird. However for the users that should not be a concern.

If you wish to download templates from the web, do check out TemplatesWise.com


  1. Hi there !

    Thx for this website ressources!
    For free powerpoint templates, you can also check these websites : http://www.powerpointstyles.com and http://www.freepptfiles.com

    Also nice site, keep it up !


  2. Thanks Jenny for sharing these links with all of us.