May 1, 2009

Best of the Month: April '09

All About Presentations has crossed another milestone. Yesterday's post was the 50th post on this blog.

Talking of last month let me tell you that I make my own template for every presentation and to encourage you I wrote a post on 'How to create your own template'. Once you start creating your template, you will be able to differentiate your presentation from 90% of others who use dull and boring standard templates.

I also started a three part series last month aimed at helping young consultants. Consultants make presentations all the time and this is their output after months of hard work. How they present determines their success/failure as a consultant. The Consult Presentation Series is all about tips and tricks to improve consultancy presentations.

There are moments when in real life presentations you might be required to forget the slides and go alone. In those moments you should be willing to do that. My post on April 25 stemmed from a real life case where the presenter made his case and then went on presenting the same because he had those slides coming next. He should have just skipped the slides and moved on.

The three most popular posts of April were:

How to create your own template
Making Good Consult Presentations Part - I
Create videos in PowerPoint

The three most widely read posts on the blog till date are:

Making Sponsorship Proposals
Checklist for Presentations
What Dr. Stephen Covey can teach us about Presentations?

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I welcome you to share your personal experience as a presenter. What do you dislike about presenting and what are the new things you try? How has your experience been as a presenter? If you have any questions on presentation shoot them to me at vivek [at]

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