Jun 2, 2009

Best of the Month: May '09

Last month has been a satisfactory month for me. I started the month with a snapshot of all the major blogs on presentations in the world. Then I went on to write on some of the topics which are very close to my heart.

May 9: How to plan well for your presentation?
May 12: What presenters can learn from print advertisements?
May 16: Role of images in your presentations?

I read Presentation Zen very recently and wrote
a review as well on the blog. Its a book you must read if you want to learn about presentations. All in all May was a month with lots of content which would have certainly helped you a lot.

The most popular posts of May were:

How many slides for a 30 minute presentation?
How to use images in PowerPoint?
Use the Input-Output method to plan your presentations

The most read posts till date on the blog are:

Sponsorship Proposals: 10 ideas that will get you cash
7 habits of Dr. Stephen Covey
Sponsorship Proposals Checklist

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