Jun 9, 2009

TED Talks: The Pinnacle of Presentations

I was exposed to TED talks quite a while back and since then I have shared it with many people. If you like making presentations and you like watching great presentations, TED is the place to be. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design. It is an annual conference where experts from various field come and present their ideas. The videos are available online. Anyone can freely download hundreds of high quality audio/video files. The video files are also available with subtitles.

The list of speakers is amazing. Seth Godin, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell and many more speakers who might not be popular in media but are experts in their respective fields.

TED talks are not always slideshows. Some are just speeches and some are with slides. Presentations at TED in whatever form are awe-inspiring, informative, jaw dropping and makes me wonder why are they available for free. If you have not seen a TED talk then you must visit the site.

Listen to this talk by Hans Rosling and you will know what TED is all about:

To know more about TED read here and here.
Listen to TED and share it with others. Do share with me how you liked it? Which TED talk is your favorite?

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