Jul 1, 2009

Best of the Month: Jun '09

June was an interesting month. I gave one major presentation every week in June. And all of them were to the same audience (and it was a large audience). Hence most of the posts drew their inspiration from these experiences; preparing and giving these long presentations.

My favorite posts from June are the following.

Tidbits which connect with the audience: How small pieces of information about the audience or the venue can make a big difference. They help you add humor and connect better with the audience. This post is based on my presentation in a city MBA college.

Dramatize your presentations: Based on three back to back presentations, this post takes you through my real journey of creating dramatic moments at the start of every presentation. What made them dramatic and how you can make your presentation dramatic as well.

Are audiences sweet-toothed?: 1 day, 4 hours and 40 chocolates. A small idea which went a long way and ensured I had 100% attention of my audience for a four hour long presentation. Try it out. It is smart, innovative, economical and effective.


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