Jul 18, 2009

Change your 'Outlook' towards Presentations

Two days back I attended an important presentation. It was a presentation from one of our agency guys. The presentation was in full swing when suddenly an Outlook mail alert popped up. It was very conspicuous and distracted me from whatever he was presenting. For those five ten seconds, the presenter had lost me. I was forced to focus on something else.

Though not a big blunder, there is a small lesson here for all of us.

When you are making a very important presentation, why is it that your internet is on? Do you care more about the mails that might come while you present or you are more bothered about the presentation you are making.

Such mistakes are never planned but only forces the audiences to wonder whether they are more important or the Outlook? The same applies to presenter's mobile phone being on when he himself is talking. Suddenly it rings and the presenter apologizes. "Sorry, I forgot to switch it off." (Did you forget or you are just not bothered?)

Think about it.

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