Aug 2, 2009

Best of the Month: July '09

Another month passed by. This year seems to be flying fast.

Last month I wrote a lot of posts on Presentation Design and PowerPoint Tips. There were some on Content (Presentation Planning) and a couple of posts on Delivery.

One post which was liked by a lot of readers was 'The Legend of Subodh Ranjan Saha'. I did not expect such a response for this post when I wrote it. This post has also become the most read post of the month. This post, like many, find its origin in my personal experiences. But this one dates back 12 years when I was in High School cracking exams with the help of my Mnemonics. And today I feel the same Mnemonics can help teachers, trainers and managers in making their presentation memorable. Do read the post if you have not till now.

I am sort of a presentation critic. I evaluate every presentation which I come across. I usually make a note of the good and bad points. My post on 'Charts Champion: When Legends Fail' was inspired by two charts which were presented to me during a meeting. They were kind of weird (and confusing). Hence I thought of sharing them with you.

In the end, a summary as usual of the most read posts of the month.

Content - The Legend of Subodh Ranjan Saha
Design - How to present one bullet at a time?
Design - Make good use of Motion Paths in your presentation

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