Aug 19, 2009

SlideShare World's Best Presentation Contest '09

The biggest presentation contest of the world is back. SlideShare World's Best Presentation Contest 2008 was an extremely popular event. No doubt, this year it is going to be better.

You can enter the contest by making a presentation on anything you like. It can be related to business, technology, something creative, something educative or just about yourself. What you present and how you present matter equally. So open your PowerPoint (or Keynote) and get going.

The contest is open till September 8, 2009. After the presentations are uploaded the people will vote for them and that voting will go on till September 15, 2009. Top voted presentations will then be rated by the judges. Results will be announced a week later. Among the prizes on offer are a MacBook and iPhone 3GS!

You need to have a SlideShare account to enter the contest.

Out of this world graphics will not succeed. Famous contenders might lose. What will shine through is your originality and a fresh perspective. Anyone can win. So go ahead and participate. Best of luck!

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