Oct 1, 2009

Best of the Month: September '09

One more month has gone by. September was one of the most exciting months for the blog after January (when it all started). September started off with the series, 14 Tips to Present Awesome Charts and ended with the launch of the e-book. My first e-book with the same name as the series.

I uploaded it on Sunday evening and as I write this post, the e-book has been seen by 1,216 people and downloaded by 307 times in less than 4 days. It was selected by the slideshare editorial team and was featured on slideshare's home page. There can be no bigger highlight for this month.

If you have not downloaded your free copy, do so by clicking on the link below. Have patience as the file is 2.70mb.

Click here to Download

In case you have problems downloading, send me a mail and I will email the e-book. Mail to me at vivek [at] jazz factory [dot] in.

September was all about making charts but October will be different. I will cover topics from diverse areas and come back to my schedule of 3 posts a week. See you tomorrow with something interesting.


  1. poza, big congrats on having ur presentation featured on the front page of slideshare.. nowadays, at work, i'm making presentations.. :-) not to mention that ur site is a regular from my laptop..

  2. thanks Sujith

    I expect you will share your presentation experiences more often on the blog.