Nov 21, 2009

Presentation Brief: Download this useful tool for free

A Presentation Brief is like an advertising brief. Before making every TV commercial the company tells their advertising agency what is the objective of the commercial, what message to convey and to whom. This brief guides the agency in making a commercial which serves the client well.

Similarly a presentation brief will help you make a better presentation. All you need to do it this:

1. Download the PDF for free. Click here for direct download.
2. Before every presentation fill out the Presentation Brief.
3. Then start planning for the content and create the slides. Refer to the brief when you need direction.

Spend around 20 to 30 minutes making the brief. Use it for every presentation you make. In the next two posts I will share why these questions are important. I will also share a sample Presentation Brief very soon.

You can also download the PDF from slideshare.

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