Dec 2, 2009

Best of the Month: Nov '09

Hi friends

November was an exciting month. I was invited to give a talk on marketing by P2W2 to a large group of start ups. Interacting with entrepreneurs always leaves you with a lot of positive energy. I also uploaded the presentation on the blog and it immediately became the most read post of the month. If you have not checked the PPT you can do so by clicking here.

Another post which became popular was 'How to make slides as fast a Maggi noodles?' In this post I have shared how you can drastically cut down your slide creation time and yet not loose out on effectiveness. If you have to make a presentation in a hurry its a must read post.

I introduced the concept of Presentation Brief this month. This idea originated from an observation that we go through the same process when we make a presentation. If you sit down and spend 30 minutes to fill this brief, it will bring immense amount of clarity to you and also save a lot of time later on. I strongly recommend you take a look at this here and here.

And finally, here are the most read posts on this blog till date:

1. How to make a presentation seeking sponsorship money?
2. How many slides should a 30 minute presentation have?
3. Presentation lessons from Dr. Stephen Covey's session in Hyderabad?
4. How to make a business review presentation?
5. Introduction to SmartArt graphics in MS PowerPoint 2007

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