Jan 13, 2010

Sharing Presentations Online

How do we share presentations with others online? We email it to them. That is how people have been sharing presentations with me. Recently a reader emailed me a 2MB+ presentation which took quite a lot of time to download.

While most people just email the .PPT/.PPTX file to the receiver there are others who convert it to PDF to save on size. I consider conversion to PDF a good idea (unless your presentation has animation, because animation will not work in PDF). PDFs look nice and occupy less space.

What else can you do to make the sharing easy and viewing experience better?

Slideshare. I strongly recommend you open a slideshare account. Having a slideshare account helps you upload files upto 100MB and then share it with others. You have an option of sharing the files only with the people you want to. After uploading you can choose to show the file to 'Only Me' in sharing. This is called Private Sharing, as opposed to Public Sharing. When you share publicly anyone can view the presentation. Once you share privately, you have a secret URL which you can send to others. To view the secret URL, click on the presentation. To your left you will find this URL. Only people who have this secret URL can view your presentation. It is a wise idea to use slideshare for sharing extremely bulky presentations.

These are the 3 ways I know of sharing presentations online. Which one do you use? Is there any other method which you use? Share your sharing technique with me.

Image: Danilo Rizutti

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