Mar 13, 2010

What percentage of Indians are B+? (Can you visualise this?)

A colleague at my office was compiling our blood group data for HR purposes. This led my team to stumble upon an interesting piece of data on Wikipedia.

Do you know what percentage of people in the world belong to which blood group? We figured out that O+ is the most popular blood group in India (and in most other countries). One out of every 3 Indian is O+ and so is 4 out of every 10 US citizen. Only 8.5% of US citizens were B+ whereas a whopping 30.9% of Indians were B+.
Here is a sample data I picked from Wikipedia. (These numbers are percentages which add upto 100. So 36.5% Indians are O+ and 22.1% are A+)
How would you visualise this data? If you have to present this data how will you do that in a manner which provides most meaningful information?