Apr 10, 2010

World's Best Presentation Tips #2 Ellen Finkelstein

World's Best Presentation Tips is a series of posts where presentation bloggers from all over the world share their favourite posts with us at All About Presentations. This is an exclusive for AAP readers.

Today's Blogger: Ellen Finkelsteinfrom PowerPoint Tips Blog

Ellen Finkelstein is a special person. She is one of the oldest bloggers on presentations (she started blogging in 2005). Today Ellen shares her favourite post with us. Her favourite posts from over hundreds she has written over these 5 years.

Ellen writes to us: "Here’s my favourite post: Let’s have a Distraction Summit!. I like it because it draws from a wider context than just presentations, offers links to other resources, draws on serious research, and offers a clear explanation of why presenters shouldn’t use text-heavy slides and talk over them."

In this interesting post, Ellen quotes scientific research and connects 'talking on cell phone while driving' to making a presentation. Thanks Ellen for sharing this post.

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