May 5, 2010

The Formula to Create the Best TED Talk Revealed

Sebastian Wernicke has statistically analysed the first 525 TED talks published on He has made a note of what words people have used in their TED talks; which talks have been liked by most people; which talks have seen most comments; which talks are not at all popular. He has then come up with an analysis of what one needs to do to make the 'perfect' TED talk. From what dress one should wear to what words one should use. In this funny talk (which of course is meant only for fun) Sebastian shows us the results of his wonderful analysis. Apart from being interesting, the talk is also very well delivered (good use of humor and excellent slides). Go ahead, see Sebastian in action on TED and enjoy. His presentation is just 6 minutes long.

I found this link on Cool Infographics.


  1. This guy is great!

    Thanks for posting something that was funny and also delivered value.

  2. True. Great presentation delivered amazingly.

  3. Here is a great how-to guide to build and deliver a TED talk: