Jun 3, 2010

Best of the Month: May 2010

I am on a holiday for this entire week. I am writing this post from my home in Kolkata (Calcutta).

One more month has gone by. The month of May saw a lot of 'guest posts'. Noteworthy is a special 3 part post by Rangarajan V, a consultant at AT Kearney. The two month running series 'World's Best Presentation Series' also concluded in May.

The most read post of the month was the TED talk by Sebastian Wernicke. You can read the post here. Sebastian has analysed 525 TED talks and presents an interesting analysis of what works and does not work at TED. A good read for every presenter.

For readers who have joined in in the last few months, I would like to share the most read posts of the blog in the past year.

The most read post in the last...

6 months is: Top 10 Presentation Tips

The most read post since the inception of the blog is: How to make a sponsorship proposal presentation?

Enjoy reading these extremely popular posts which my other readers have liked.

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