Jul 26, 2010

Presenting to your Top Management

Last week I wrote a guest post on Slide Rocket Blog. It is called 'Presenting to Top Management'. In this post I have shared 5 things which you should do when presenting to your Top Management.

1. Present the conclusion at the start
2. Time is money, so be short
3. Use back up slides to present additional information
4. You don't need to 'show' you have worked hard
5. Give a handout

This post has become popular on Slide Rocket blog. Do check it out.


  1. Good Points here, Vivek.

    I really like the main points first and the backup slides being at hand if needed.

    You are correct in pointing out that presenting to this audience is different than to others.

    When presenting to others than Top Management, don’t allow them to be checking emails, their next appointment, etc. This is annoying to others in the audience and shows disrespect to the presenter.

    Before presenting, ask them to put their phones on ‘STUN!’

  2. Even I find the habit of checking emails very annoying. As a presenter all you can do is to ask your audience to switch off or keep in silent mode before you start. If some people do check mail in between... I guess there is nothing much you can do (if these people happen to be your seniors).