Sep 26, 2010

250 posts... Time to Retrospect

This is my 250th post. It has come in 621 days (1 year 8.5 months). I started the blog on January 14, 2009 when I had quit my job and was preparing for life as a freelancer. I had chosen to become a Communications Consultant. I wanted to train people to make awesome presentations and also make presentations for them (outsourcing).

The purpose of starting this blog was to share my point of view with the world. The only place where I could write how I felt presentations should be made.
The blog helped me establish authority and build expertise (the more I wrote the more I learnt). It was my CV on the web. Having no background on Presentations (being an MBA does not mean you can claim to be a presentations expert), I used to approach prospective clients and ask them to check out the blog (as a proof of my expertise). This worked and I got business.

3 months later I took up a job as a marketing manager. I realised down under that I loved marketing more than I loved presentations. I was also scared if my venture would ever take off.

17 more months have passed. Even now the purpose of the blog remains the same. I want to share with you what I have learnt about making presentations. I also get to learn while I write. The more I write, the more I learn.

After 621 days when I look back, I feel contented. I am happy to have interacted with so many people through the blog. People have reached out to me from all across the world, shared their views, given me feedback and added to the learning of all of us here.

A few more snippets about the blog are shared in this small presentation:
Celebrating 250 posts on all about presentations
View more presentations from Vivek Singh.

Loads of thanks to all the readers. Keep reading and enjoy the journey with me.

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