Oct 9, 2010

Preparing for a presentation when there is very less time

Every presentation requires time. We need to think about our key message that we want to convey, choose suitable content, plan out the flow, design the slides and rehearse for excellent delivery.

This is theory.

In real life, most of the times, we do not get enough time to prepare. Your boss/manager wants you to make a presentation tomorrow. He also might have figured it out just now. No one is at fault but your reputation is on stake. You have to make a presentation tomorrow at 10am and you have just today's evening.

What do you do? Wake up all night and prepare? Work so late into the night that your eyes sore when you present and have butterflies in the stomach?

I am facing a similar situation today. I figured out at 1pm that I have to make a presentation to 275 people tomorrow. My presentation is for 15 minutes and I have to talk at 10am. All I have is today evening (and night) to prepare.

It is 5.45pm now and what do I have ready?


I am going to plan it all out and deliver a good presentation. I am sure.
How will I do that? I don't know. Let me plan.
I am going to share everything with you tomorrow (or possibly by Monday). Stay tuned!

Image: Salvatore Vuono


  1. Good question. I was supposed to write about it but could not for some reason. Will share the experience in a separate post.

    The presentation had gone off well.