Nov 17, 2010

PowerPoint Puzzle #2: Make Your Chart Interactive in PowerPoint

PowerPoint charts are not interactive. They are dull and boring. Can we do something about it? May be yes. Add a touch of interactivity and dynamism into our dull charts.

How about a pie chart where % values are not visible at the start. While presenting when you click on a part of pie, the value appears and when you click again the value disappears.

Let us try to create this effect on PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Puzzle #2

Look at this pie chart closely. The challenge is to click on the blue slice of the pie and make the January percentage data appear. Then click on the blue part again and make the value disappear. Similarly for Feb, March and April.

You don't need to know VBA or coding. I don't. Can we do it the simple and easy way?

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  1. Response by Amey on Facebook

    If you know for sure that you are going to go in that order (Jan, Feb, March and then April), then you can have 9 slides back to back, of the same pie. Odd numbered slides would be the one above, second with this and the Jan figures, 4th with Feb figures, n so on.

    So while it looks like you are clicking the blue part and that number appears, actually a click anywhere will make it appear :)

    As for a real interactive way (where you actually click the blue part and the figures appear), thoda aur dhoondna padega :) (will have to search further)

    Amey continues...

    Yup.. got it... You dont need 9 slides. Just 5 will do. First slide would be this one. Then for each part of the pie, you can assign a hyperlink, which will take it to diff slides. So once u click on the blue part, there will be a hyperlink, which takes u to the slide which has the figures for the blue part. You can then hyperlink this second slide back to the original one. So click it again, and you return to the original slide.

    Then click second part and so on.

    Amey's answer is pretty interesting though a bit long...

  2. Interesting idea. I will definitely use it in my presentations as well as Power Point templates and backgrounds from and other interesting things that can save your time and customize presentation.