Jan 21, 2011

Convert text to graphics for better understanding

When you want to explaining something, images/graphics tend to do a better job than mere text. For example, Samsung wants to conduct a market research on how many people are aware of Samsung Galaxy Tab (the new tablet). How did they become aware (word of mouth / TV ad / Print ad / etc.)? How many people have bought? Why or why not? What do they think about it? etc. etc. etc. (and the list goes on)

Assume Samsung is explaining this to its research agency. It can do the standard way; which is to write it all down as bullet points. Something like this:

They give this list and ask the agency to go ahead and conduct the survey.

There is however another way, which brings clarity to their thinking and also helps the agency understand the work better. I am talking about converting text to graphics. Penning down your thoughts in the form of a flow chart. Something like this:

In my experience, this comes out a clear winner. Provides a lot of clarity to you and helps your audience understand the work faster and easier.

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