Jan 29, 2011

What 'exactly' does your company do?

Imagine your friend meets you after a gap of 5 years. He asks you: "Where are you working Manoj? What does your company do?"

How will you answer that one question? Think about it. Better, write down in 2/3 sentences. What does your company 'exactly' do?

This question is faced by every organization every single day. We meet bankers, vendors, potential investors or government employees who want to know what we do in few simple sentences. This question needs to be answered at various places; corporate brochure, corporate PPT, corporate website and one-on-one meetings. People who land on the website should be able to easily figure out what your company does.

The issue at hand is: How to communicate what your company 'exactly' does in 1 minute? Communicate so clearly that everyone understands it without any difficulty.

Seems easy! Let's see.

Where do we start? Let's look at the Digital Marketing Companies in India. Let us see what they 'exactly' do. I am going to check out their websites for this information. [I am only sharing parts of their text. To read in detail visit their websites].

1. Webchutney

"Webchutney works with leading companies in India by developing award winning and memorable experiences for brands to connect, engage with and build sustained relationships with their consumers online... We work with them in areas of online advertising, website design, mobile marketing and social media...."

My take: The start was scary (usual MBA style) but they managed things at the end. I am clear as to what they 'exactly' do.

2. Hungama.com

"...it is a complete Digital Entertainment, Mobile services and Promo Marketing entity... Hungama is also the largest aggregator, developer, publisher and distributor of Bollywood & South Asian entertainment content in the world, having worldwide exclusive rights to over half a million music and video titles...."

My take: This is is not so clear to me. What all do they mean by mobile services? What on earth is a Promo Marketing entity? I am a marketing manager and yet I am hearing it for the first time.

3. contests2win.com

"Contests2Win is a leading player in the Indian Online Entertainment Space... On Contests2win.com users can play & create their own contest on any of our 7 Contesting Engines – Quizzes, Hangmans, Crosswords, Twisters, Polls, Face-Offs and Rate Me..."

My take: They need to be a bit more clear. Does online entertainment space only include playing these 7 contests? I need more clarity on this.

It seems that the 'curse of knowledge' is at work here. I understand my industry lingo and jargon does not mean everyone else does. Using high flying words also does not help bring clarity.

Before I close today, is it not wise to look within. When a new visitor lands on this blog there is a small note on the left which reads; 'What is this blog about?' This is the 'about us' of my blog so to say. The answer is: 'At all about presentations we discuss conceptualization, design and delivery of presentations.' I guess it captures the essence well. Does it not? If you find it even marginally confusing let me know. I guess its time for some self improvement :-)


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