Feb 2, 2011

Stop being average & start becoming awesome at PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations are going to be there for as long as we can imagine. The hardware may change or the software may change but we will have to continue to make presentations. Even if we love them or hate them our job (or college) will ask us to present and present well.

Let us decide not to be happy with an 'ok-ok' presentation and go out and give our best shot. Plan better, design better slides and rehearse more so that we can deliver a better presentation.

Why not try to become the best presenter in our college or place of work?

Let us make a conscious effort to evaluate ourselves on the three aspects of making a presentation; planning the content, designing the slides and delivering the presentation. We won't be bad on all three. Let us become conscious of our flaws and give our best to improve on these.

Let us stop being average and start being awesome*.

* I have borrowed this word from an awesome blogger
Chandoo who inspires so many people (including myself) to become awesome in life.