Jun 5, 2011

My Presentation Story [Reader Entries Invited]

I am back from the three month break; March to May. Back with fresh ideas and lots to share.

To start with, before I share my story how about you sharing your stories with all of us? So here we go...

My Presentation Story

Share your presentation story with us. You can choose to talk about a presentation you made and how it did well (or flopped) and why?
You stories need to have two things: 1. What happened? (what went right and what went wrong?) 2. What you learned out of it? Take one presentation you made in the last year or so and share it with us.

You can also talk about how you go about preparing and delivering your presentation OR you can also talk about why you love or hate making presentations.

Send in your entries by email to vivek [at] allaboutpresentations [dot] com.

What happens next?

I will be sharing your story with all of us here (provided you allow me). I would also like to add my views on your story. Plus for all readers residing in India*, first two stories will get a free copy of the book 'Everyone Communicates Few Connect'. Two copies of the book are lying with me and it is better to share it with you all.
[*Due to logistical reason, I will not be able to give the book to readers living outside India.]

If I had to share a story, I will talk about my last presentation at Ignite Hyderabad and how I had butterflies in my stomach before I went on stage. How I managed the tension and came out alive :-)

So what are you waiting for, think about the last time you presented, pen it down in a few sentences and shoot it across.

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