Jun 21, 2011

TEDx HiTechCity Presentation by Mr. Raj Shekar

I would like to share this small presentation given by Mr. Raj Shekar of Hobby Hub. He delivered it in TEDx HiTechCity last year (I could only locate it today :-)

I had worked with Raj to shape up this presentation. My role was of a soundboard to him. He is very passionate about the subject of environment and he had a lot to share. I worked with him to ensure the vital stuff was communicated in the time allotted. I also worked with him on improving his slides.

Raj is the founder of Hobby Hub; an extremely interesting initiative. It allows you to nurture various hobbies (including buying a plant or a pet) and in turn protect the environment. One of his initiatives includes encouraging corporates to 'gift a plant' to their employees on festivals and new year. Check out his presentation (Heart of Living) below and do check his website out.

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