Jul 11, 2011

What are the various types of presentations?

I am trying to build a list of various types of presentations. Various occasions when we make a presentation. All of them.

Here is the list which comes to my mind. I will keep adding to it as more come to mind.

1. Sales presentation (to sell)
2. Sponsorship presentation (to get sponsors)
3. Investor presentation (to raise funds for business)
4. Marketing budget proposal (to get budgets for marketing activities)
5. Teaching
6. Business review (periodical review)
7. Press conference (to TV channels)
8. Market research
9. Training
10. TED / Ignite / PechaKucha (to inspire/share/entertain)
11. Academic project presentation (in schools and colleges)
12. Research papers (by doctors, professors)
13. Business plan presentation
14. Presentation by management consultants
15. Investor / analyst presentation by top management of listed companies

Just this many? There has to be more.
What is missing? Add to this by leaving a comment.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this nice post!You’ve done really excellent job!

  2. Too technical for me dude....for me it cud ba bit personal...Last time ma gf made a presentation for me of hw v met n those good n bad times together !!! n crazily though she has nt read any books on effective presentation yet all of Garr n Guy words of wisdom seems to be pouring on the slides...Guess when we take things a bit too complex and technical we astray so for me the slide devil can be used for telling any story...One with emotions and drama now may it b while one is tryin hisluck wid a new gal or telling his Maa hw much he adores her on Mothers day....:P
    And lastly I hardly leave comments on sites (yeah selfish me!!) but then learnt so much my unselfish part has to say Thanku Vivek :)