Nov 10, 2011

Presenting complex excel sheets: Go one step at a time

Many a times the information we present is complex. We might have a complex excel sheet or set of data which if shown at once can leave the audience puzzled.

Imagine showing an excel sheet with 10 columns of calculations. Normally you present the entire excel on the slide and then talk the audience through it. This is tough for your audience to comprehend. A better way is to break down the table into smaller pieces of data.

Taking the 10 excel columns example. You might want to present 2 columns first and explain what it is. From now on, you keep revealing one column after the other (step by step) while you provide explanation. This step by step method basically mirrors the way you made your calculations in excel sheet. You added one column after another. You never started the analysis with 10 columns. Then why show the audience all the 10 columns at once? Take them through the journey the way you went on the same. One step at a time.

Image Source: Evgeni Dinev

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