Jan 1, 2012

Re-cap 2011, Welcome 2012

A year just passed by and it is a wise thing to look back both personally and professionally.

I am a marketing manager by profession and I work for an edible oils company in Hyderabad, India. I handle all brand building initiatives for my company. My brand Freedom had a great year (better than expected). I expect a better year ahead.  I upgraded my marketing knowledge through a few good books:

Media Planning and Buying by Arpita Menon
Brand Failures by Matt Haig
Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
Nudge by Richard Thaler

I wish to read more. Possibly 20 books this year.

My blog completes 3 years on January 14, 2012. Last year I wrote very selectively. I guess a point comes wherein you have covered most topics and now the focus needs to shift from 'writing about newer topics' to 'writing in-depth about stuff that matters more'. The agenda for 2012 is to focus on the basics and write more in-depth.

Last year was special because I became the first speaker at my city's 1st Ignite event. Check out my slides here and my talk here. Here is what I wrote about the preparation. I also read three great books which helped me as a presenter:

How to lie with statistics by Darrel Huff (shared on the blog earlier)
The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams (shared a free e-book earlier)
The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam (shared on the blog)

The readership (RSS readers + email subscribers) on the blog saw a 60% increase last year and I am delighted about it. Very soon the blog should hit the 1000 subscribers mark. The monthly page views on the blog also saw a huge jump of 135%. From 1528 page views every week in 2010 the blog now has 3588 page views every week. I am delighted to share that the blog is growing by the day. Thank you friends.

Last year I received a lot of emails from my readers. Most I answered but some got missed out. Continue to write and I will try my best to reply all.

That's all for now. Stay tuned. Wish you a very Happy and fun-filled New Year.

Source: Evgeni Dinev

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