Sep 28, 2012

Welcome to All About Presentations

Last two months have been great. The blog has added many new readers and the total count of readers now stands at more than 1300 (RSS Feed + Email subscribers). Since many of you are new to the blog, it is only fair on my part to introduce the blog to you. Here are 5 things you should know.

1. What is my blog about?
This blog is about everything related to making presentations. While I do write about PowerPoint tips once in a while, the scope of this blog is much more. I talk about presentations in general. How to plan your content, how to design the slides and how to deliver a presentation confidently. I cover all of these.

2. Who am I?
My name is Vivek Singh and I am a marketer by profession. I live in Hyderabad in India. Blogging is my hobby. It is my passion to make presentations. I also keenly observe how others present and communicate. Hence a lot of posts are inspired by real life.

3. Why do I blog?
My love for presentations began in IIM Ahmedabad; the place where I did my MBA. In late 2008 I left my job and became a Communications Consultant and worked with a few clients on designing and improving their presentations. It was in January 2009 that I started blogging. Over the last 3 years and 9 months I have written 381 posts.

This blog is my point of view about how presentations ought to be made. This blog is a collection of every bit of wisdom I have gathered about presentations. I want to learn more about presentations and hence I continue to blog.

4. What you should not miss?
This blog has 381 posts and those of you who are new cannot possibly check all of that stuff out. So I have compiled a small list of must read posts. Do not give it a miss.

14 Tips to Present Awesome Charts
This is undoubtedly the best stuff on my blog. I have discussed everything on how to present charts. You can click here to download the e-book. It's free.

Presentation Checklist
This is a simple checklist which you need to answer before starting to work on any presentation. It will help you get complete control over your presentation. It has lots of tips about how to plan your content, how to design slides and how to master delivery. I made it for a presentations workshop I conducted in January 2012.

Design Basics: What makes a design look good?
This 6 part series talks in detail about the basics of good design. These six posts will give you a lot of knowledge about how to make your slides visually appealing. You can read the posts here; 1 2 3 4 5 6

Book Reviews
I keep reading books on presentations and communications. My personal favourites are; Made to Stick and The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. I write a detailed book review of every book I read. The posts contain the summary of each book; the main lessons. Check out the following reviews:

PowerPoint is an amazing software and can do much more than making presentations. You can discover a lot of new stuff that you can do with PowerPoint. I have also written about certain special tricks in PowerPoint. Check out these posts:

If you have been asked to make a presentation, this brief is a good place to start. Answer all the questions contained in this small document and you will have a lot of clarity about your presentation. A good document to help you plan better.

5. What I want you to do?
I would love to connect with you, answer your questions and discuss stuff about presentations and PowerPoint. You can like All About Presentations on Facebook and stay in touch. You can always leave a comment on the blog and I will revert within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can email me at: vivek [at] allaboutpresentations [dot] com.

Have a happy weekend.


  1. Hello sir,i have learned a lot from your posts,thank you,i have a confusion on representation of the data on power point,regarding which data should be represented in visuals and which data as statements?can you help me?

  2. @Sindhuja

    Thanks Sindhuja for your comments.

    I don't think there exists any such universal rule. Why don't you share a few examples and let us together understand which ones can be done via visuals and which ones as text?

  3. I had to do a corporate story telling on raymond,
    the first slide was about the history,bearing the points such as how it started,its initial status,its transition,then its present status.should i represent this information in visual or as statement

  4. @Sindhuja

    One slide you have the history. How it started, transition and status today.

    It would be nice to have it as a visual. Since you will not be able to write a lot on the slide, there will be a lot of speaking you need to do.

  5. This blog is about ppt for beginners.Check it out.

  6. Hello Mr. Vivek Singh,
    I am Pulkit Agarwal, I am planning to organize an event(Battle of Bands) in Meerut, we need sponsors for the event, can you please guide and help me in preparing such a proposal to attract companies for sponsorship in our event?