Mar 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Presentation

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch was a major event this month. People across the globe were waiting for it. The event had many segments and the one we are going to talk about is the 8 minute long presentation by JK Shin (Head of Samsung Mobiles).

JK Shin had a big job on his hands. His presentation started 3 minutes after the event started and he spoke very briefly (just under 8 minutes). You can watch him speak here. Go directly to 3:20 on the timeline and view till 11:10.

JK Shin's presentation had a simple content and flow. He talks about the following:

The structure of the talk is extremely simple. Mr. Shin starts off by saying Samsung believes in innovation and it learns from observing consumers. He then talks about what would it be like to have features like... and talks about 9-10 new features. Wouldn't it be great if the smartphone allowed the photographer to be in the picture? Wouldn't it be great if the smartphone allowed us to capture sounds with our pictures? He emphasizes that these features have been based on observing consumer needs. He re-emphasizes that the phone will let us live a richer, simpler and fuller life.

What's good?
The simple structure. It is easy to follow him and understand him. He talks at a comfortable speed. Since he has a different accent, he medium pace helps us understand him without any problem. Above all, he uses repetition to drive home his key message. During his brief talk he talked about 'leading a richer, simpler and fuller life' thrice. He also repeated 'Samsung learns from observing consumers'. Lastly, in order to get us excited, he talks about WHAT IF. He encourages the audience to imagine how life would be if their smartphone had those 9-10 features which Samsung Galaxy S4 has. It is important to make you see & feel how life would be richer and more fun. Overall, the content was well structured. The slides were very simple and clean. The slides fully supported what Mr. Shin was saying. The focus was kept on Mr. Shin and the slides never overtook the speaker.

What could be better?
Delivery. The only thing that the talk lacked is infectious passion and emotion. There is no doubt that Mr. Shin is passionate but it needed to come out a bit more. There was something that kept him away from expressing his emotion and passion fully. The energy was lacking. The magnitude of the event must have taken its toll.

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