Apr 19, 2013

This is how...

In my last post I asked a question. Here is a table:

How will you copy this table onto PowerPoint and still retain the formulas?

After copying, if you want to change the discount from 5% to 6%, the Total figure (after discount) should change. The table should work in PowerPoint the way it does in Excel.

This is how to do it...

Copy the table in Excel -> Go to PowerPoint -> Paste Special as Embed.

How to Paste Special?
Option 1: Right click on the slide. Choose Embed from the Paste Options.
Option 2: Under Home tab. Click on the arrow below Paste. Choose Embed.

Now the table has been copied onto the slide. To modify any cell, double click on the table. You can now go to any cell and change its value. If you change the discount to 6%, the total will change from 11,400 to 11,280. Provided your formula in excel was correct :-)

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