Aug 22, 2013

7 Challenges you face in every presentation you make

1. Get your audience to pay attention to what you are saying.

2. Retain their attention throughout your presentation. The longer the presentation, the tougher this becomes.

3. Get your audience to understand your message.

4. Get your audience to remember what you said. This is even tougher.

5. Get your audience to believe what you are saying.

6. Get your audience to care about what you are saying. You might be passionate about environment but your audience might not be.

7. Get your audience to actually act on your message. Get them to do what you want them to do. In a sales context, it will mean getting them to buy. In a sponsorship context, it mean getting the cheque from the sponsor.

To summarise, these 7 challenge are: Get attention, retain attention, understand, remember, believe, care and act. These thoughts are from the classic book 'Made to Stick' (my all time favourite). While this book is about communication in general, we will look at the learning from this book in the context of presentations.

Is each challenge equally challenging?
Think about the last presentation you made. Look at each challenge and ask yourself if you faced it. You must have. However, did you face each challenge in equal measure?


  1. It is also important for the presenter to have belief in his own presentation.To be excited about what he is sharing even if he is speaking the same stuff the nth time. your excitement will make them excited interested and attentive . Your trust and belief will make them beleive and act.

  2. True. Your confidence & belief will make the entire experience more interesting for the audience. Passion is surely infectious. The audience will care more if the presenter is passionate.