Oct 18, 2013

3 Reasons why you must use Stock Photos

Stock Photos are photographs and images which are purchased for use in presentations, advertising, website design, etc. I offer three reasons why you must start purchasing stock images for important presentations you make.

1. Stock photos have no copyright issues. When you download images from Google, you might download an image which has a copyright problem. The owner of that photo might not allow usage without permission. Blatantly downloading images from Google can get you into copyright issues (if you get caught).

2. Stock photos are of very good quality. They are taken by professional photographers and these photos look stunning in your presentation. It enhances the overall look and feel of your presentation. It makes your presentation look 'professional'.

3. Stock photos offer variety. For every keyword you search, you get many stunning images. Just check out some of these sites and get a taste of it. The costs vary a lot, so do check the rates before falling for an image :-)

Shutter Stock
Big Stock Photo
iStock Photo

Have you every bought any stock photo for your presentation? How was your experience?

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