Oct 8, 2013

Quick & easy way to align objects in PowerPoint

You want to align text and images on your slide. There are many ways of doing it. Here is one simple way:

Use Guides.

Where is it?
In MS PowerPoint 2010, under View tab, you have Ruler, Guidelines & Guide. Select Guide.

How does it work?
When you select the check box, two guides (lines) appear on the screen. Go outside the slide area (white area) and drag the guide to set it wherever you want. Look at the slide below.

If you want to align the two sentences, you can drag the vertical guide (vertical line) and set it near the letter W in What (sentence on top).

Now you can move the text box at the bottom to align it with the sentence on top.

This technique can be used to align anything on the slide with ease.


  1. Hi Vivek. Yes, this is great to align objects to the slide. I'd add that you can add more than one vertical and horizontal guide, just make sure to click CTRL while dragging. This is good to create a frame where to align the objects. Thanks.

  2. That was really useful Julian. Thanks.