Aug 11, 2014

Presentain: An Amazing Tool for Modern Presenters

Presentain is a great tool for presenters. Check out this 2 minute video and then the interview with Mark Thomas.

Presentain Overview from Presentain on Vimeo.

Vivek: What is Presentain? How does it work?

Mark: Presentain is a great interactive presentation tool that helps speakers engage their audiences more effectively. Here’s how it works: Speaker goes to to sign up and upload his presentation so it sits in the cloud and is always available to him where he presents. 

Then he downloads an iOS or Android app that serves as his smart remote to control the slides during presentation and to also control different interactivity components: like receiving questions from the audience, run real time polls, pull up his profile on the big screen and push it to audience devices so everybody can easily follow the speaker.

When the speaker is done presenting the audience can receive the presentation to their emails. And not just static presentation slides but narrated slides as with Presentain we record speaker’s voice and generate a video of his presentation. 

Vivek: Why Presentain?

Mark: Presentain lets presenters deliver a great interactive experience.

For presenter:
There’s no need to carry a laptop or a stick with a presentation now. It’s all in the cloud and can be controlled from a smart phone. The presenter really looks cool and on a cutting edge with technology when he does a lot of fancy interactivity like real time polls, pushing content to audience devices (slides in real time, his profile etc.) no more need to manually send slides to the audience after the talk – Presentain does it all automatically. 

For the audience:
Audience wants to keep slides or share slides. They usually have to take blurry pictures with their phones and then do many more extra clicks to share this picture. With Presentain they get slides pushed to their devices in real time and can share easily with 2 clicks. 

Asking questions is often an awkward experience: guy running around with a mic, somebody taking too much time promoting himself or asking unrelated questions etc. With Presentain audience can shoot those questions to presenter’s device when they have a question without needing to wait and presenter decides what to answer and when to answer.

Vivek: How much does it cost?
Mark Thomas, Presentain

Mark: The first tier is free and that includes five presentations seven slide cast and three polls. The second tier is $9.99 a month and includes thirty presentations, slide cast and polls. The third tier $24.99 a month and it includes unlimited presentations slide cast and polls.

Vivek: Thank you Mark for explaining to us the benefits of Presentain. It surely is an amazing tool.

Mark: Thanks Vivek. We really appreciate the opportunity to share Presentain with you guys. Happy presenting!

Disclaimer: I do not get any commission from Presentain.

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