Nov 11, 2014

What story will your audience tell about your PPT?

"Tell me two or three very interesting things about your company.Things which my CEO will share with his friends over a game of Golf", said the Vice President.

Recently a friend of mine narrated this interesting incident to me. His company acquired another company in India. My friend and his VP had to make a small presentation about the newly acquired company to their CEO. While the CEO knew the financial stuff about the acquired company, what the VP wanted to present was 2 or 3 very cool stuff which gives the CEO something nice to talk about.

Imagine the CEO (the audience of the presentation) playing Golf with this friends. His friends (also CEOs) ask him, what's new? He replies to them saying he has just acquired another company for XYZ million dollars and then narrates few amazing things about the company. These are small nuggets of information which makes the CEO look cool as he shares it with his friends.

It is one thing to give a presentation and hope the audience picks up what they find interesting. Here the VP was talking of a totally different thing. Decide before hand the few things you know are cool about the company and plant them properly in your presentation. The CEO will surely pick it up and use it the next day when he meets his friends.

The lesson for the rest of us is: If your audience has to share something about your presentation to their friends, what will they talk about? Can you plant a few things which will register in their mind. Things which are interesting, easy to recall and will make the audience look cool in front of their friends.

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