Jun 16, 2015

Why Startups Succeed? [Beautiful slides inside]

We are in the midst of a startup revolution. Every day scores of new startups come up across the world but most of them fail and only a fraction find success. In this TED talk Bill Gross tells us why he thinks startups succeed. Which factors are more crucial and which are less.

If you work in a startup you must watch this well presented talk of 6 minutes. If you don't, watch this talk to see how clean the slides look and how well he uses PowerPoint. I will show you some of his slides below.

When it comes to such slides, I follow the same style to Bill. That's why his presentation appealed to me. Have a look at his slides here:

Here is how the same slide looks to someone sitting in the audience. Looks quite nice I say. Also note that each image (also known as an icon) comes one after the other as he speaks. All the icons do not come at the same time, else the audience will jump and read ahead.

Here are two more slides from Bill. In this one, he shows us a simple bar chart in a very new manner. This is not your regular chart. Looks far cleaner and better.

The moral of the story is - try using icons in your next presentation. You can try www.iconfinder.com. It's a great site.

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