Jan 15, 2018

How good are my Slides? Evaluate using this Slide Design Checklist

You have prepared your slides. But you are unsure if your slides are really good. What if you had a checklist through which you could run your slides. Here is one checklist.

Your slides are good if your response is YES to all the items on this checklist.
  • I have not used bullet points
  • I have prepared a slide (with few words) and not a report (with lots of words)
  • My photos are not hazy (pixellated)
  • I have not used cliched images and WordArt
  • I have not distorted the image while enlarging it
  • My fonts are legible. I have not used fonts below size 18
  • My charts are simple and easy to understand
  • I have not used 3-D charts
  • I have not used boring fonts like Arial, Calibri or Garamond
  • I have used a sans-serif font. I have not used a serif font
  • I have not used fancy fonts
  • I have not used more than 3 colours in my presentation
  • I have not used watermarked images
If your answer is NO to any of the above points, it is time to fix that problem. Unsure about how to fix? Ask your question in the comments section below.

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