Jun 25, 2018

10 slides that Tim Cook used in his keynote address

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, opened the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 with an energetic nine-minute keynote address. His presentation was very short, crisp and visual. Here are 10 slides from his keynote address. Notice the amount of words on each slide and the visual appeal.

Takeaways for your Presentations

  • Make your important NUMBERS big and bold so they grab attention and are remembered by your audience.
  • Use full-slide IMAGES for visual appeal.
  • Choose a simple sans-serif FONT. You do not need fancy fonts.
  • Do not use too many WORDS on your slides. Your slides are your visual aids, not your crutches to help you remember your message.
  • Think DIFFERENT. Instead of writing $100 billion, Tim Cook's slide has a cheque. A cheque gets the message across better. The message being - The money that app developers have earned through the app store will top $100 billion!
Is there anything else that you felt was good in these slides? Share it with us on the blog. Leave a comment.

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