Nov 20, 2018

2 simple hacks to jazz up your next presentation

Fonts have a huge role to play in making a presentation look great. Take a look at these two slides. The first slide is your default. When you open a new presentation in MS PowerPoint, the default font is Calibri.

Such a slide is run of the mill and boring. Everyone is doing this all the time. Now look at the second slide. With a little bit of effort, you can enhance the look and feel of your presentation. You can even own this style by constantly using this special font for all your presentations.

Using a 'new' font does make you and your presentation stand out. But which font should you use?

Use what you like
You browse a lot of websites. Do you like the fonts you see on those sites? Did you know you could use most of those fonts in your presentation too. Here is how to do it using 2 simple hacks.

Hack #1: Install 'WhatFont' Chrome extension

Install this extension. Visit any website. Say, you like its fonts. Simply click on the f? icon on the top right of chrome browser. Now place the cursor over the text and find out the name of the font used. It is that simple. The font that EIC has used on their website is LATO. Similarly, there is a startup called Dunzo. The font they are using on their home page is ROBOTO

Hack #2: Download this font from 'Google Font' website

Not all the fonts would be available on Google Fonts website but you will get most of the fonts. The most popular fonts now-a-days are Montserrat, Open Sans, Roboto, Lato, Muli etc. Download the fonts from Google website, install the fonts, close MS PowerPoint and open it again. You can now start using the new font in your presentation.

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