Dec 12, 2023

How to deliver a presentation like a pro? [Excellent example inside]

There are three pillars of any presentation.

  • Content,
  • Slide design, and
  • Delivery
Most books and articles talk about developing the content and designing professional slides. Delivery is often the most ignored topic in almost all of them. But how we 'deliver' a presentation is very crucial. You might have a good story and slides but your delivery might fall flat. You might fail to excite and engage your audience.

I came across one presentation which stands out because of its delivery. It is a short demo day investor presentation by Ralph Garvin Jr., a start-up founder. Ralph's slides are okay and his story is okay, but his delivery captures our attention. His delivery stands out. You remember it long after you have forgotten his data. You start to care about the problem that Ralph is trying to solve as a startup founder.

It is a 2 minutes 46 seconds video. Watch it here:

  • His hand gestures are very powerful. His gestures are natural too, and they come out of his involvement and passion.
  • He 'snaps' his fingers at around the 18-second mark. This gets the audience excited and involved. It is a high point.
  • He does not speak monotonously. He slows down sometimes. He pauses often. His delivery style is dramatic and it works.
  • He even 'sighs' at 0:38 when there has been an accident.
  • He stresses on important words and phrases to enhance their meaning. The way he says, "What could I have done? And the answer.. is.. NOTHING!"
Overall, he speaks like he is talking. His speed is normal. He stresses important words. He pauses to let you feel the emotion. He speaks slowly and it becomes easier to understand. Overall, a phenomenal delivery.

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