Jan 14, 2009

Checklist for Presentations

You are going to make a presentation in your office or to a client. To a small group or a large audience. Here is a small checklist to help you improve your presentation.

I. Pre-Presentation
1. Why are you making the presentation (objective)?
2. How much do you know about the audience?
3. Where will you make the presentation?
4. What does the audience expect?
5. What is the main idea/ theme?
6. Is the flow making sense?
7. Are you prepared for the obvious questions?
8. What should the audience remember?
9. Have you rehearsed well?

II. Presentation
1. Run the presentation once before you start.
2. Use a wireless presenter & mike. Atleast use a wireless mouse.
3. Start confidently and capture attention. Remember, confidence comes with knowledge & preparation.
4. Have an agenda slide. Keep the audience informed. Tell them how long you will take.
5. Engage the audience. Invite questions all through.
6. Share a handout with the audience. Tell this to your audience before starting.
7. Summarise at the end.
8. Don't rehearse while going to the venue. It adds to your nervousness.

III. Post-Presentation
1. What went well and what did not?
2. Evaluate your presentation on the pre-presentation checklist. (Eg. was your understanding of the audience right?)
3. Was the audience able to get the point?
4. How was the audience participation?

Most importantly, make sure you don't repeat your mistakes.
I am sure you have your own checklist in mind. What do you do before making a presentation? Let me know.

Update: You might like to read on 'How to plan your presentation better?' by clicking here.


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