Feb 10, 2009

Make Your Presentation Stick

Made to Stick is a must read book for everyone. This powerful book explains why some ideas stick and some are forgotten. Why proverbs are remembered centuries after they were coined, while we forget what our company chairman said in the annual conference yesterday.

You need not be in the field of
marketing, advertising or communications to benefit from this book. This book will help you every time you are communicating. A must read for all those who make a lot of presentations.

If you do not get the time to read the book, you can download 'Making Your Presentation Stick' from the Made to Stick website. It's free! The authors Chip & Dan Heath have shared some invaluable tips on how everyone can make their presentations better. 5 simple rules for presentation moksha!

These are the 5 things the booklet talks about:

Download the pdf by registering here for free.
Share your experiences after reading and using these tips.

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