Feb 3, 2009

Pick of the Week: Pause & Edit

What do you do immediately after you change a slide in your presentation?
What do you do after your PowerPoint is ready?

These two questions have been answered during the last week. A week which has seen a lot of activity on presentation and public speaking blogs. So lets get down to the answers.

Jerry Weisman
, a guest blogger on slide:ology, tells us what we should do immediately after changing a slide.


This is a very simple yet immensely powerful idea. When you read the question, you would have not thought the answers was so simple. Yet how many speakers remember to 'pause'? They keep talking while the audience is busy reading what's on the slides.

Olivia Mitchell
, author of Speaking about Presenting, takes us through 9 steps of how we can edit a presentation. Very often we finish the PowerPoint in a hurry and do not get enough time to edit it. Following these simple steps will not only help reduce unnecessary content from your presentation, it will also prepare you for delivery.

Have you read anything else on presentations lately which you have liked? Share it with me.

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