Feb 21, 2009

Pick of the Week: How Speaking Can Make You Successful

Olivia Mitchell in her post talks about how speaking can enhance your career. Perception is reality, hence a better speaker is considered a better leader and that takes you up the corporate ladder faster. I agree with this. If you talk well and present your ideas better, you will move up in life a lot faster.

What should people do then?
If you speak less in meetings because you think you might be interrupting / dominating or want to speak only when you can add value, it's time to change. Here are some of the tips she offers to increase what Olivia calls your "speak-up" rate:

1. Let go of perfection in your speech. Talks what comes to mind.
2. Set a goal for how many times you want to talk in a meeting.
3. Support what others say.
4. Don't shy away from interrupting other people.

Jan Shultink
offers an interesting tip in his blog 'Slides that Stick'. Check out how you can get your point across in a very different manner. You can use this tip to highlight something really important.
Check out his blog for other interesting stuff.

What have you been reading on presentations this week?

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