May 7, 2009

How to use Images in PowerPoint?

Using images in PowerPoint is a popular thing. Images add life to the content and help the audience visualize the key message. But images come with their own problems.

Over the next few weeks I would provide you with simple and effective tips on how to use images in PowerPoint better.
Today I will talk of 'Merger'. The image should not be disjoint from the background. You should, as much as possible, merge the image in the background. Why should we do this? Because it looks better.

There are multiple ways of 'merging' the image with the background. I share two such tips today.

Method #1: Choose the right image
If you have a white background then choose an image with a white background. Searching for one might take some more time but the results will be outstanding. See it for yourself.

The image above looks out of place because the background of the image is white whereas the slide has a black background.

This image is a big improvement on the earlier one. The only reason being; the image gels seamlessly into the background. So, the next time you are using an image, spend some time and choose an image which gels well with the background.

Method #2: Image Adjustment
You have followed the advice and chosen the right image. For a white background you choose an image which had a white backdrop.

Yet something is missing. Is it perfect? No. You can see grey color shades on the edges of the image. Now what?

The solution is simple. Select the image and increase the brightness by a few percentages (in this case I increased it by 10%).

Go to Picture Tools -> Format -> Brightness (in MS PowerPoint 2007). This simple adjustment leads to a drastic improvement in the image as it completely merges with the background.

Do you use a lot of images in PowerPoint? What are the challenges you face? How do you tackle them? Drop in a comment.

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  1. Useful tips. Wonderful Job. I like it.

  2. Thanks Lee. What techniques do you use with images?

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